Make the right choices at the right time
Increased visibility into what you are doing - what you can see you can manage. Get others on the same page.

Attend the workshop. It allows you to reflect on where you can make personal effectiveness improvements and teaches you how to do it.

Mike Pratt
Chief Operating Officer
Bioforest Technologies

Stop worrying about what needs doing
See all your options, know what's urgent, eliminate the fear of forgetting something important.

Reclaim lost time
Reduce work managment overhead and start doing the things you never find time to do.

Ready to use
You'll build a Personal Kanban system uniquely tailored to your needs.

Be guided by an expert practitioner who's helped hundreds of people reduce stress, reclaim lost time and do more of what they love.

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Ok, time to build your unique Kanban system at one of these courses
Are you ready to accelerate your performance and joy? Due to strong interest at the recent
 Agile and Beyond conference, I expect these to fill up quickly.

May 9, 2013

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Ann Arbor
May 10, 2013

Online - Anywhere
Starts May, 2013

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Gerry Kirk
Delivering business and personal agility

Learn Personal Kanban to shift past overwhelm and into satisfying flow.

“I can now visually and tangibly organize all tasks in my life, prioritizing and gaining a work / life balance with less anxiety!”

Joanne Kovich
Realtor, Century 21 Realty
Owner, REDMNKY marketing
Busy Mom

Additional course testimonials...

"Creative, engaging, productive."

"The workshop is a fun ride through several Agile techniques I can turn around and put to use right away!"

"Now I can see better what I need to do and have a flexible means to manage my work."

"I plan to have my team participate in this exercise."

What's standing between you and saying “yes”?

If you're really interested in participating, but you still have some doubts or questions, contact me and ask me anything about the courses 

To your success,


P.S. Remember that my satisfaction guarantee covers you, I'm taking on most of the risk.

Bonus #1: Complementary Personal Kanban Book

All participants receive a copy of Jim Benson's award winning book Personal Kanban, a $25 value.


Bonus #2: When it's over, it's not over

Participants leave excited and motivated to try something new. After a month, that enthusiasm may lessen due to life pressures (how ironic!), lingering questions about use and/or need to adjust the board. I'll conduct a 60 minute group coaching call to see how Personal Kanban is working for you, and help you make the necessary adjustments. This is an exclusive offer to participants, a $250 value.

Course recognition
Earn 7 PDUs towards PMI certification and receive a certificate of completion.

Interactive, lively, fun
Designed using 4C learning model, which uses brain science principles to make learning stick.

About the Instructor

My passion is helping people create extraordinary results.  I've helped design over 100 Kanban systems for individuals, teams and organizations.  I'm trained in Training From the Back of the Room, a revolutionary approach to delivering training.

I have 7 years experience as a management consultant and speak regularly at industry conferences as a recognized expert in Agile methods.

Take the course risk-free

The quality of my work is unconditionally guaranteed. If the quality is not to your satisfaction, I will make every effort to make it right, including refunding your fee.

Ready to get started, or do you have a few questions?

Personal Kanban looks easy, can't I just read the book?
The basics are easy, anyone can get started on their own. My experience is most people end up designing a system that is far from optimal. Visualizing work is a learned skill that takes time. Plus, you benefit in the course from sharing ideas, seeing many different designs and having access to a highly experienced practitioner.

What is different about your course compared to other Agile/Kanban trainings? 
Despite its growing popularity, there are only a handful of people offering Personal Kanban courses. Participants appreciate how practical and hands-on the course is, with a ready-made system to use immediately outside the course. In the course, the concepts become real and tangible.

How can I justify training for something personal to my employer? 
We all have workloads to manage. You can't be an effective team member unless you can be agile yourself. Happy, motivated workers produce better results. Managers have demands coming at them from above and below. Finally, everything taught in this course can be applied to small teams as well. 

 Personal Kanban workshop for
individuals and small teams

Take this course and...

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